Let's get ready for your first class

What to Wear

Wear active, form fitted clothing -- we are going to get sweaty in there! Loose, thick cottons will weigh you down while you're trying to get in the groove! 

What to Bring

Bring socks & your water bottle! We provide complimentary spin shoes and towels for every rider. Socks and bottled water are also available for purchase should you forget to bring your own!

Hydrate & Snack

It's important that you hydrate before spin class -- we're going to get sweaty! Some riders also like to eat a small snack 1 hour to 30-minutes before class to fuel their workout, but of course, listen to your body and do what is best for you!

Arrive Early!

Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class at Beatbike. We will greet you at the front door for a tour of our facility and full run down of the experience! 

Grab Your Shoes

We have you covered with complimentary clip-in shoes for every ride! Grab your size from the front desk, and our helpful staff will teach you how to clip into the bikes. If you have your own shoes, that's no problem either; all of our bikes accommodate SPD cleats, and select bikes have LOOK delta compatibility!

Lock Your Stuff

For your convenience, we have digital lockers available to keep your stuff safe while you're in class! We ask that you leave all belongings (yes, even your phone!) in the lockers during class to keep our paths clear in the Amphitheatre and mind free of digital distractions!

Bike Set Up

Don't worry, we'll help you with this! We have staff stationed in the Ampitheater up until 3-minutes after class starts to assist with your custom bike fitting! It is critical that you are comfortable and safe before embarking on your first ride!

Clipping In

As mentioned before, we require that all riders use clip-in spin shoes to ensure a safe and effective ride! Clipping in is easy once you get the hang of it -- we'll explain the process and help you get clipped in every class until you're comfortable!

Using The Console

Beatbike is your go-to when it comes to cutting edge technology. Each bike is outfitted with a personal on-board console that measures wattage, RPM and calories. Your instructor will use these numbers as a gauge to help the class get on the best gear and speed for the ultimate workout! But, if numbers aren’t your thing, feel free to just close your eyes and ride the sound!

Bike Safety

Your safety during class is extremely important to us! Early arrival ensures that our knowledgeable staff is able to help you find the proper settings on the bike to protect your knees and low back. Once clipped in, every bike has an emergency break. Push down on the red resstance knob in the center of the bike to stop the pedals from moving.

While class is in session, if you need to exit for any reason, please wave your instructor over so that a front desk employee can enter the room and help escort you out of the room safely and into the lobby.