'Ride the Sound' with us for 45-minutes of complete immersion into a high-intensity environment of energy and exercise. Our workouts are perfectly tailored to cutting edge playlists, and designed to be a retreat from everyday life. Each ride, physically and mentally stimulating, will challenge you to new heights.

At Beatbike, music is everything; the beat fuels our rides and feeds our souls, evokes emotion and allows us to connect. Come throw yourself into our hypnotic tunes. What are you waiting for?


We want you to see results. We present a higher standard of indoor cycling to help you reach goals and constantly challenge yourself. Our dynamic team of instructors is thoroughly trained on Performance IQ, our metrics software, and are equipped with the knowledge to elevate your fitness so that you see the results you deserve. 

Through our pulse pounding cardiovascular cycling classes, you will melt fat without impact on your body. Then, you will build strength and tone your physique in our private training room.


We reward our riders every step of the way. Each rider who reaches 50 rides at Beatbike will receive a complimentary "50" t-shirt as a token of their hard work and dedication! Then, at 100 rides, we adorn you with a pair of classic "Beatbike" spin shoes to take your workout to the next level.

As you continue to keep pushing yourself, 250 rides will earn you a new gym bag, and at a staggering 500 rides, we will create you a one of a kind, custom, Beatbike sweatshirt!