At Beatbike, music is everything. It fuels our ride and feeds our souls. Our variety of classes are suitable for all levels; whether you’re riding for the first time or a seasoned vet, we’ve got you. And, whether you’re into bass-bumping EDM or boot-stompin’ country, we’ve got you there, too.




A 45-minute, high-intensity cycling workout set to exhilarating music. Each Instructor brings their own flavor of endorphins, inspiration and empowerment.

Club Night

Turn up with Fabian every Thursday night at 7:30PM! Who needs the club when you’ve got a bike, your favorite instructor and a killer playlist.


60 minutes of cycling with a 5 minute cool down, giving you the time and expert instruction to master indoor cycling. It is suitable for every level and should be considered part of your weekly Beatbike training routine.

Live DJ Ride

We turn up the heat with a Live DJ once a month in this 45-minute non-stop party on a bike! This class will rotate time slots and Instructors, but will always feature our in-house DJ.



Abs, Buns & Thighs (ABT)

Focus on your lower half from the abdominals, to thighs, glutes and hamstrings in this HIIT patio strength training class!


Full body patio training focused on torching fat and burning calories by implementing dynamic movements that use multiple muscle systems to build strength and boost metabolism.Abs & Up

Abs & Up

You guessed it, this patio training class is all about arms, chest, back and of course, those sexy abs! Come ready to feel the burn - this one is relentless.


This full body workout class incorporates high intensity interval training to get you to the next level. Intervals are 45 seconds with 15-20 seconds of rest. Great for weight loss, sculpting and fitness improvements. Can be modified for all levels.