Indoor Cycling + Strength Training = Game Changer

Indoor Cycling

The music is everything. It fuels our ride and feeds our souls. 

Group Fitness

Compliment your indoor cycling routine with any of our group fitness classes. 

Personal Training

Reach your fitness goals with one of our personal trainers. 


Cycle 45

A 45-minute, high-intensity cycling workout set to exhilarating music. Each Instructor brings their own flavor of endorphins, inspiration and empowerment. #RidetheSound!

30/30 Hybrid

Get the best of both worlds with 30 minutes of high-intensity cycling, followed by 30 minutes of circuit training using resistance bands, core exercises, dumbbells and more! Each class offers a unique 30-minute training program!

Vibe Ride*

Lose yourself in the music for 45-minutes of rhythm based cardio. Ride to the beat adding presses, tap backs, jumps and torch the upper-body with a hand-weight sequence.

Metrics Ride

Push yourself to focus on Metrics in this 45-minute class driven by power, RPM, mileage and performance drills. Perfect for the rider who wants that extra push and competitive edge in class. 

Signature Ride*

A 45-minute, high-intensity cycling workout set to the beat of exhilerating music and includes an upper body component. Each Instructor brings their own flavor of endorphins, inspiration and empowerment to this classic Beatbike ride. 

Cycle 60

Everything from your favorite Cycle 45, plus an extra 15-minutes to kick it to the next level.

*Classes offered in Huntington Beach only.





Rockout and workout in our new POUND class series! POUND is the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.

Force 45*

Full body HIIT circuit  focused on torching fat and burning calories by implementing dynamic movements that use multiple muscle systems to build strength and boost metabolism.

Shred 45*

Upper body HIIT training focused on the arms, chest, back, and core, tone and sculpt your top half while shedding fat.


Inferno 45*

Lower body HIIT training, kick your lower half into overdrive with strength focused resistance training that will blast fat to reveal strong and defined legs.


Booty Burn 45*

Exclusively offered once per week, this HIIT circuit will lift, firm, and tone your backside with specific exercises targeting every muscle for maximum booty burn.


Core & Restore*

This class is all about carving out time for yourself and giving your body the TLC it needs after all your hard work cycling and strength training. Start with restorative stretches and move into mat core work.  


A 45 minute group fitness class, combining body weight exercises, shadowboxing (no contact) and heavy bag work with intense training intervals!

*Classes offered in Huntington Beach only.


Complimentary Consult

Beatbike offers personal training sessions in our private training room for those looking for one-on-one support. Begin with 30-minute a complimentary consultation with any of our trainers! 

1 Hour Session

Personal training offers interactive, one-on-one sessions administered by nationally certified personal trainers. An individually designed program can include any combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching and weight management to achieve your desired fitness goals. 

30 Minute Session

For those who are shorter on time, we offer 30-minute training sessions, still with plenty of motivation, guidance and hands-on assistance, delivering a program specific to your needs.