What's In My Gym Bag? | Instructor Cynthia

A well prepared gym bag is key to having a successful workout. Since each instructor at Beatbike lead pretty busy lives, they each have a perfectly curated gym bag fit for their needs. For spin instructor and mom of two toddlers, Cynthia always makes sure her gym bag has all the essentials for a mom on the go. Check out what she has with her every time she hits the studio!


Water Bottle

For any workout, water is a necessity. Having a good water bottle filled and ready to go before any class is essential to a good spin class.


Lululemon Hand Towel

Even though here at Beatbike we offer a free towel service, some prefer to bring their own. This way you can take it on the go with you if you’re running to another place after class and still need to towel off all the sweat.


Neutrogena Face Towelettes

If you don’t have time to take a shower after class, these are a great alternative to help clean your face from any sweat, which can cause breakouts. Neutrogena even sells towelette singles now that you can just toss in your gym bag instead of carrying around a giant package of wipes



Keeping a small bag with travel size essentials is always key to any gym bag. Cynthia keeps hand sanitizer, hair ties and other feminine products in hers to make sure she always feels fresh and clean


Resistance Bands

If you haven't been adding resistance bands to your workout routine, you need to. They’re small and lightweight making them perfect to keep in your gym bag for a quick body-weight workout or to add an extra burn when using weights.


Lacrosse Ball

No matter what workout you do, it’s always important to stretch out after. For especially tight muscle areas, Cynthia uses a lacrosse ball to help “roll out muscle kinks… especially from twisting and turning in the car to hand my toddlers snacks”


Reusable Bag

Having a multi-purpose bag is always a good idea to keep with you. You can use it to keep all your sweaty clothes if you take a shower after class, or for picking up groceries at the Whole Foods below Beatbike after class!


A Room Print-out of Her Very First Class

For Cynthia, this is one of the most important things in her bag. So she can remind herself “of where I started and to always appreciate the journey”

Kaitlin Rodriguez