Welcome to the Beatbike Blog!

Spring brings flowers, sunshine, and longer days but this spring season brings you the Beatbike lifestyle blog!

Here, you will find answers to the questions you’ve been asking our instructors since our doors opened. From “Do I eat before or after I spin?” or “What’s the right way to set up my bike?” the lifestyle blog is the place to find the explanations to it all!


This is an inside look on our Beatbike community - an inside look on YOU! What makes Beatbike’s energy come to life is our Beatbike athletes, the ones that have been here since the beginning and the ones who are becoming a part of the community every day. We want to highlight and share the stories of our riders!

Instructor Insight

You sit on a bike with them for 45-minutes each class (unless you're braving it with Abbie in ‘The65’ master class) but who are they outside of the amphitheater? We’ll dive into each instructor and all of the cool things they’re doing off of the bike!

Tips & Tricks

Our instructors are experts in their field. Being fitness instructors for so long they’ve got some secrets to share! They are full of health and fitness tips & tricks. Well, their secrets are now yours!

Overall wellness

Health is so much bigger than just physically and here, we’ll explore them all! Mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual - we’ve got every aspect of health covered!  

Beauty & fashion

Wondering what spin shoes to get, the best bang-for-your-buck workout gear or how to prevent those workout breakouts? That’s what we’re here for! And we might even figure out how Bailey keeps her curls so perfect.

Let us know in the comments what Beatbike, fitness or lifestyle questions you would like answered!