Beatbike Athlete: Meet Marjohn Khoshnood


Three years ago Marjohn Khoshnood stepped foot into Beatbike for the first time. Though hesitant, she took her first class at the will of a friend who convinced her it would be a good idea. For a year and a half after, Marjohn didn’t take another spin class.

Last June, she came back to Beatbike, and this time she was hooked. She started on the 6 classes a month membership and quickly upgraded to unlimited.

“Every person here, is here for the same reason,” Marjohn said. “It’s such a positive environment, I genuinely feel happy when I come here.”

Marjohn grew up overweight and working in beauty caused her to feel bad about herself. She formed an unhealthy relationship with the number on the scale. She realized that working out isn’t about a number on a scale and had to reform the socially constructed views of body weight. She learned that it’s about FEELING. That feeling she gets in each class at Beatbike.

In her first class with Lisa, she cried. She recalls the time where Lisa came in front of her bike and although she knows Lisa was talking to the entire class, it felt like she was speaking directly to her.

“Last year I had a lot of depression and on those days Lisa gave me extra attention,” Marjohn said. “There’s no way she would’ve known I needed that - Lisa just knows.”

Now, Marjohn is taking classes everyday (yes classes, plural, she pulls doubles!)

When she’s not taking classes she’s hiking, boxing and planting the seeds for her own body positive makeup line! Because “Its not about the number on the scale, it's about how you feel.”

Kianna HendricksComment