Front Desk Spotlight | Pam


You may not know their names, but they sure know every one of yours. From helping you clip in to bikes, putting your shoes out for you and even putting your things away in a locker as you run in to class, our front desk staff does it all. Without them, Beatbike simply would not be able to function; they are the heart of this studio. Because they do so much for our riders, we wanted to help you get to know them a little better. Here are some quick facts about Beatbike’s Key Holder, Pam!

  1. She started working in July

    While Pam is one of our newer team members, she has proven that she has what it takes to help run the studio. She was hired immediately as a key holder, forgoing traditional employee status.

  2. Beatbike makes her feel empowered

    Pam said that she loves working here because of how much her coworkers and riders empower her. “I feel like I have another family that I can rely on for anything, whether it be support, love or fun.”

  3. It’s the best job she’s had

    Working at a spin studio isn’t always for everyone. You have to love the quick-paced environment, folding towels, and of course spinning! Pam feels like this is the best job because that fits her personality perfectly so she get’s a sense of fulfillment working here.

  4. She doesn’t have a favorite class

    Pam has tried out almost every class but she says she still doesn’t have a favorite! “I feel like I get a different workout in each one because the instructors have such different styles.” The one class you won’t catch her at though are those 6:00 AM’s! Pam is NOT an early riser.

  5. She has a life outside of work!

    Just kidding! “There’s no such thing as life outside of work because I live here,” she joked. But she does take spin classes when she’s not on the clock as well as going to school full-time for nursing! She hustles hard for the life she wants.

  6. Her fun fact about herself

    “I believe greatness starts with gratitude” is my life mantra.

That’s a wrap on Pam!

We hoped you loved learning to know more about Pam. If you catch her in studio, make sure to say hi and thank you for all that she does to help this studio run!

Kaitlin Rodriguez