Meet Ronna: The Mastermind Behind the Refueling Station


Since Beatbike opened it’s doors in 2014, Ronna Elbaz has been spinning here. Whether you know her as the woman who exclusively books bike 14 or for being featured on the wall of fame, Ronna is undoubtedly a staple to the Beatbike community. When she’s not in the studio, she’s at home running her own business: The Refueling Station.

Around her son’s 13th birthday, Ronna discovered he suffered from celiacs disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the small intestine from gluten. From that point on, Ronna removed gluten from her family’s life.

After beginning their gluten-free lifestyle, Ronna discovered most gluten-free baked goods just weren’t as good. After her son begged her to make a blueberry muffin that would taste life one from a donut shop, Ronna got baking. The muffin was a success with her son and soon became a hit amongst friends, including Beatbike’s lead instructor Lisa. With such a high demand for her baked goods, Ronna knew she could make a business out of this. Thus, The Refueling Station was born.


The Refueling Station features all homemade, gluten-free, and organic goods. Some are even dairy free! Ronna takes orders all week long and is at Beatbike selling her muffins on Saturdays. Even though right now The Refueling Station is run solely by her from her kitchen, eventually she would love to have a storefront.

For this August, her muffin menu will feature new flavors such as Berrilicious Crumble and Banana Peanut butter Chocolate Chip. As always, her famous Blueberry Crumble will be present as well. Keep up with Ronna and The Refueling Station on Instagram @the_refueling_station and @ronnaelbaz

Kaitlin Rodriguez